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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Lesson 10: Patterns and Trends

Remember that the mark scheme explicitly rewards discussion of your own experience. This section is the ideal place to put in some well-researched data to back up your case study of The Guardian.

What are your own experiences of newspapers and where do you go for news? You may think it’s not relevant but IT IS! You are the next generation of potential readers so the habits you are forming now will matter to the industry.

You’ve used free online survey websites such as, so you know how easy it is to gather questionnaire results for a coursework project without the hassle of distributing wads of photocopies. Try conducting a survey of the newspaper reading habits with friends and family so you’ll be able to compare your own experience of newspapers with those of others. Are there any trends or patterns? Any surprises? How do your survey results reflect the national picture of newspaper readership?

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