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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Lesson 5: The Guardian: Innovation and Integration

In terms of innovation, The Guardian has been groundbreaking in many respects. It was the first UK national newspaper to use blogging software, the first to produce podcasts, and, perhaps more radically, the first British newspaper to produce web-first stories (i.e. on the web before being seen in print). It has a reputation for enthusiastically adopting new technologies, As production of The Guardian website and print versions is seamlessly integrated, it becomes difficult to establish where production of one ends and the other begins. And given the wealth of extra content on the website, it is now hard not to see the website as being of primary importance and the print version as a brand-strengthening advert for online services.
Paddison, Neil, The Real World of the Newspaper Industry: A case study of the online version of the Guardian, in MediaMag, December 2009

You need to research:
When did The Guardian newspaper go online?
When did they start using blogging software and how was this/is this used on their site?
What type of podcasts are available and how are these used by the audience?
How many people use the site compared to the number buying the papers?
How is the production of The Guardian website and the print version 'seamlessly integrated?'

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