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Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Prepare bullet points under each of the following headings to be ready for just about any question in the exam. All bullet points should refer to the Guardian with notes on the rest of the industry where relevant.

PRODUCTION PRACTICES (Traditional and New Media)

MARKETING (AUDIENCE TARGETING) and SYNERGY - By which methods do the Guardian advertise their product? Do they own any of these companies? Who do the Guardian work with in a mutually beneficial arrangement? Twitter? Apple?

DISTRIBUTION METHODS (Traditional and New Media) New media distribution is MULTI-PLATFORM i.e. it is distributed via the internet and available on the paper's website via a PC or a Mac but is is also distributed via the iPhone App, RSS feeds, text alerts, email, Twitter and Facebook. - this is not even a complete list!

EXCHANGE - what is the point of exchange?

PATTERNS OF AUDIENCE CONSUMPTION - (Who are the audience, circulation figures, unique users, how and why do they consume?)


INTERACTIVITY - What does the Guardian offer on different levels?



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